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Winterdampf in China; Winter Steam in China, © Ian Silvester 2009

Winterdampf in Nordchina
Winter Steam in Northern China

All pictures by Ian Silvester
Alle Fotos Ian Silvester

Ian hat Bilder zweiter FarRail Tours Reisen im Winter 2009 zusammengestellt.

Der Reisebericht zu dieser Galerie befindet sich hier.
Weitere Reisen nach China finden Sie hier.

Ian compiled pictures from two journeys with FarRail Tours in the winter of 2009.

The corresponding trip report you'll find here.
Tours to China you'll find here.

Huanan Lixin departure
Huanan catching the bus
Huanan banker
Jixi sunrise
Diaobingshan dumps
Diaobingshan sunrise
Nanpiao market street
sunset in Fuxin
Zhalai Nuoer
sunrise in Dongfanghong
horse cart and short train
new years sticker in Zhalai Nuoer
Zhalai Nuoer depot
Zhalai Nuoer lady
the big hole

Weitere Reisen nach China finden Sie hier.

Tours to China you'll find here.

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