Georgia: Electric Dinosaurs & More

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WL8 Ellok in Georgien

Railways in Georgia: Batumi, Ciatura and the country: 4. – 12.6.2011
Railways in Georgia: Electric dinosaurs & more: 11.6. – 19.6.2011

WL22M in Georgien






Flight to Tbilisi – the flight can be booked by FarRail Tours.



Charter bus to Rustavi. Around Rustavi we’ll find an interesting railway service and several good photo opportunities. Hotel in Tbilisi



We’ll take pictures alongside the single-tracked branch line from Tbilisi to Achakalaki. Like all other state railway lines in Georgia this line is electrified.

In the evening we’ll go by charter bus to our hotel in Bakuriani.



We start the day with some pictures of the regular train on  the narrow gauge railway from Bakuriani to Brdzomi. Above the railway bridge of Cemi you can find some nice panoramic views. Via Bordzomi we’ll continue along the narrow gauge line to Vale.

Passing some mountain ranges our charter bus will reach the famous wellness city Batumi at the Black Sea. Hotel in Batumi



After a short visit to the depot of Batumi we’ll take some pictures on the very scenic line to Koboleti. Palm trees and a tunnel will allow us to take some interesting pictures.

The evening we’ll sit next to the sea and if you like to can take a bath in the Black Sea. Hotel in Batumi



Via Koboleti we’ll reach the harbour city Poti. On the way we’ll take pictures of regular trains. In Poti we’ll visit the depot before we’ll continue linesiding along the single tracked main line to Samtredia. Hotel in Kutaisi



Today we’ll focus our activities on the single tracked mountain railway to Ciatura. In Ciatura we’ll find an interesting industrial line for transporting ore. Interesting as well is the rope railway with its valley station: three different rope railways start from here. In the evening we’ll reach our hotel in Gori.



Line siding between Mzcheta and Tbilisi. This main line is double tracked. Alternatively you can visit the castle of Tbilisi and the city itself. At dinner time we’ll end the pre-tour with a small cultural event. Hotel in Tbilisi



Flight to Tbilisi – the flight can be booked by FarRail Tours.



Arrival in Tbilisi, meeting the group from the pre-tour.

Charter bus to Gori. Gori is the place of birth of the well know dictator Stalin. We’ll make a brief visit to the Stalin museum. Afterwards we’ll visit the sleeper factory in the suburbs of the capital. Beside broad gauge locomotives we’ll also find some narrow gauge locomotives here. We’ll continue to Gori where we’ll find the last operating trolleybus system in Georgia. Old Skoda-built buses are still in use here. For the afternoon we planned to take pictures from passenger and freight trains around Gori on the main line from Tbilisi towards the Black Sea. Hotel in Gori



In the early morning we’ll leave Gori by charter bus to Chasuri. Along the double tracked main line we’ll stop at nice photo positions. In the afternoon we’ll reach Chasuri where we’ll visit the depot with it’s large number of locomotives. Around Chasuri we’ll find several more interesting photo positions. In the evening we’ll continue to our hotel in Bakuriani.



Morning visit to the depot of the narrow gauge line Bordzomi. This depot hosts all serviceable electric locomotives of the line. With a charter train we’ll go to Bakuriani. At the most interesting locations we’ll stop for taking pictures and videos. Around noon we’ll reach Bakuriani. On our return trip we’ll make some more photo stops. In Cagveri we’ll leave our charter train and visit the diesel locomotives of the line, which are concentrated in the track gang’s depot. Hotel in Bakuriani



Today we’ll visit the line from Chasuri to Surami where we’ll see an unique electric railcar. Afterwards we’ll continue with line siding between Chasuri and Kutaisi. In the afternoon we’ll reach Kutaisi. In the depot we’ll find the dinosaurs of Russian electric loco, the class ВЛ22м (WL22M). They are still in use on the mountain line to Tkibuli. For the evening we planned to take shots around Kutaisi. Hotel in Kutaisi



In the morning we’ll start with pictures between Kutaisi and Cchaltubo. On the mountain line to Tkibuli we’ll see short passenger trains with the locomotives class ВЛ22м. Between Tkibuli1 and Tkibuli2 the line is very steep. In the afternoon we’ll focus on trains around Kutaisi. Hotel in Kutaisi



Linesiding along the double tracked main line from Kutaisi via Zestafoni to Chasuri and Tbilissi. In the evening we’ll pay a short visit to the old capital of Georgia, Mzcheta. Hotel in Mzcheta



Beside our train programm, continuing with line siding between Mzcheta and Tbilisi we offer a tourist alternative: bus to Stephansminda (Kasbegi) along the very scenic old army road through the Caucasus.

With a culturally sourrounded dinner we’ll say good by to Georgia. Hotel in Tbilisi



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ER2 Triebwagen



Iron Dinosaurs: WL22M and more 8 to 20 participants £1,570
11.06.2011 – 19.06.2011 4 to 7 participants £1,670
  Single room surcharge £280
Registration Deadline: 12.03.2011
Batumi, Ciatura & culture 8 to 20 participants £1,279
04.06.2011 – 12.06.2011 4 to 7 participants £1,360
  Single room surcharge £240
Registration Deadline: 12.03.2011

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