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Railways and culture in Iran: 8. – 22.4.2018

Together with and exclusively for the Dutch railway club NVBS we arranged a mixed cultural/railway tour, covering a large part of the Iranian railway network by train. The available seats are on invitation only, so please send us an email if you’re interested. The Dutch version of the program can be found here.

Eisenbahn im Iran





Flight Amsterdam – Tehran TK, arrival IKA 23.45, transfer to hotel


Noon/afternoon visit tourist sites of Tehran, hotel in Tehran (B, D)


Train 218 Tehran 10.28 – 16.43 Ghaemshahr, hotel in Sari (B, L, D)


Linesiding along the Transiranian Railway between Pol-e-Sefid and Firuzkouh (maybe a bit beyond towards Garmsar), Hotel in Sari (B, pL, D)


Linesiding between Pol-e-Sefid and Firuzkouh, afternoon train 921 Pol-e-Sefid 14.30 – 18.35 Gorgan, hotel in Gorgan (B, pL, D)


Charter bus from Gorgan to Shahrud (approx three hours) to reach train 376 Shahrud 10.28 – 14.50 Mashhad. Visiting tourist sites in Mashhad and the tram, the metro and the new railway museum, Hotel in Mashhad (B, D)


Free morning in Mashhad, then overnight train 581 to Isfahan, departure Mashhad 15.45 hrs. Dinner in the dining car (B, D on train)


Breakfast in dining car, arrival in Isfahan at 09.35 hrs. Tourist program in Isfahan, including a visit to the metro (B, L)


Free morning in Isfahan, train 532 Isfahan 13.25 – 17.59 Yazd, Hotel in Yazd (B)


Tourist program in ancient city of Yazd, Hotel in Yazd (B, L)


Train 725 Yazd 06.14 – 11.48 Mohammadieh, Bus transfer Mohammadeh – Ghom, train 118 Ghom 14.21 – 20.38 Bisheh. Accommodation in Conexes in Bisheh (pB, L, D on train 118)


Train 940 Bisheh 07.07 – 07.55 Chamsangar. Here we’ll change to railcars for linesiding between Chmasangar and Keshvar and Lazgireh (north of Sepid Dasht), Train 119 Keshvar 18.02 or Sepid Dasht 18.50 to Bisheh, arrival 19.13 hrs, accommodation in conexes in Bisheh (B, pL, D)


Chartered mini buses for linesiding along the section Bisheh – Doroud. Overnight train 188 from Doroud to Tehran, departure Doroud 21.33 hrs. Overnight on train (B, pL, D)


06.20 hrs arrival Tehran, breakfast in Tehran. Visit to the depot. Lunch at the hotel, check in. Free afternoon in Tehran (pB, L, farewell D)


Morning airport transfer, flight to Amsterdam with TK, Tehran departure 07.25 hrs. Arrival in the afternoon.


Line description

Eisenbahn im Iran

Please have a look at the line description of the FarRail 2017 tour. Our tour in 2018 includes a lot more of cultural interest, and the Iran is full of ancient history! It’s one of the most underestimated tourist destinations. There is no mass tourism at the moment, and this gives you a unique chance to see and experience the real Iran with its lovely and open minded people. What we’ll see and experience will often not confirm what our press is reporting from Iran. It’s a real eye-opener to a world which is almost unknown to many of us westerners. After the tour you’ll probably have a different picture from Iran, its people and its culture.

Eisenbahn im Iran

Eisenbahn im Iran



The tour is designed especially for people who like to discover a “new” country by rail, to take pictures and especially with a broader interest in the ancient culture of Iran. This tour is not compiled for political campaigners, religious, environmental or human rights activists, investigative journalists, missionaries or notorious do-gooders. Booking the tour is possible on invitation only.

Iran is a safe country to travel to, although your media may paint another picture. The greatest danger you’ll face when travelling to Iran is not militant Muslims (haven’t seen any on my recent trips) or unknown diseases but the dense and fast road traffic – as in many other countries of the world. However, it’s not as chaotic as put about by many publications, the road traffic in the neighbouring country, Pakistan, is much worse. It’s rather simple: keep eyes and ears open and use common sense (if you haven’t lost it through years and years in your “fully comprehensive insurance” country). Be far seeing and forbearing: he who does not see a green traffic light as his right of way, is the one who returns healthy and happy from the tour!

Eisenbahn im Iran

Eisenbahn im Iran

You’ll take away many good impressions from a not so well known country. Many you talk to will advise you not to travel to Iran. Always ask them how often they have been to Iran to come up with their advice. Don’t trust everything you read in a newspaper. Again, just use your common sense. If you are willing to learn a bit about the history of the country you’ll find some irritating facts, such as the Soviets killing many civilians by bombing a city. Iran was never a threat to Russia ... when looking into history you’ll also understand why Iranians might have a problem with American or British politics.

To reach the best photo positions you might be tempted to hike into the mountains. You’ll need solid footwear and – again – common sense. Always think about your own safety. Better skip climbing in tricky places if you’re not sure how it feels to fall several hundred metres.

In late April it’s warm and often dry – except on the northern section of the Trans-Iranian Railway where temperatures may drop below 10 degrees Centigrade at the summit. Otherwise temperatures are expected in a range of 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. Especially on the northern ramp of the Trans-Iranian we may experience some rain.

Eisenbahn im Iran

Eisenbahn im Iran

The timetable may change before we’re going to Iran. Please accept changes in the itinerary.

Off the major tourist sites the quality of hotels is basic. Even hotels in minor cities offer often only a basic standard. In larger towns like Tehran or Yazd, we booked suitably good hotels. Single rooms are available at a premium except on overnight train journeys.

Electricity: 230v, 50Hz; blackouts are uncommon. In some cases you’ll need an adapter for the sockets. Mobile phones can be used, but there isn’t roaming available everywhere and where there is, it’s expensive. Internet is available in most of our hotels. It’s not the fastest, but it’s stable. Some websites are not reachable from Iran.

When travelling in an Islamic country you should be considerate of their rules. Short trousers are a no-no and will terminate the tour for you. Carrying drugs beyond a certain amount brings about the death penalty. Drinking alcohol is prohibited, but there is alcohol-free beer and wine on offer. Ladies need to cover their hair and neck.

Eisenbahn im Iran

Eisenbahn im Iran

Our meal times are flexible. Not all meals are included, please check in the itinerary. B = breakfast, L = lunch and D = dinner, a p means packed. Our Iranian tour guides max offer some snacks if there is no proper meal available occasionally.

Environmental standards in Iran do not conform to European, Australian or North American expectations. Please bear in mind that accommodation and transportation may fall short of EU/US etc. safety standards. Always use common sense when crossing roads and railway tracks. Neither NVBS, FarRail Tours nor the local providers can be held responsible and will not accept any liability whatsoever in the case of any accident or damage or issues caused by delays. A comprehensive overseas health insurance policy is compulsory for the visa application. We also recommend you to have accident insurance.



Iran by Rail 35 to 40 participants £3,270
08.04.2018 – 22.04.2018 Single room surcharge £660
Registration Deadline: 29.01.2018

By invitation only.

The price includes

Not included are:

* Different arrival/departure times require a personal airport transfer (90 US-Dollars per trip) and, possibly, an extra hotel booking

Eisenbahn im Iran


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